American Inspired Food & Drinks


$18 Side Car Sally

Cognac, Cointreau, Lemon, Shake/Rattle & Roll

$18 Go Cat Go

Espresso, Cafe Patron, Butterscotch, Spices, Shake/Rattle & Roll

$16 Fab 78°

78° Gin, Citrus, Sparkling, Sweets, Shake/Rattle & Roll

$18 Sour M

Montenegro, Sweetness, Lemon, Egg White

$22 Long Island Ice Tea

All the Liquor, Lemon & Cola, Shake/Rattle & Roll

$17 Bootlegger Negroni

Barrel aged Negroni from Sally’s Bootlegger

$14, Daddy-O (Double) $18 Ice-Cream Float

Vodka or Rum + Topping + Soda (Your combo or let Sally choose)

• FOOD •

Sally loves her American diner inspired menu...

$14 Mac & Cheese Croquets

Garlic mayonnaise, parmesan (4 per serve)

$13 Buttermilk Buffalo Wings

Franks hot sauce, blue cheese mayonnaise, celery sticks (10 per serve)

$18 Crispy Chicken Waffle

Crispy buttermilk chicken, smoky bacon, double cheddar, sauce, between two waffles

$18 Crispy Chicken Burger

Crispy buttermilk chicken, slaw, coriander and MOTA hot sauce

$18 Cheese Burger

Double beef, double cheese, pickles and mustard ketchup

$15 Dirty Dog

Cheese Kransky, onions, cheese smoky bacon, jalapenos and MOTA hot sauce

$10 French Fries

Tomato ketchup

$12 Sweet Potato Fries

Garlic mayonnaise


Bottle Brews

Mismatch, Clare Valley, Phat Mongrel, Vale, Hills Cider

Tap Brews

Wild Yak, Brooklyn Lager, Carlton Dry, Coopers, Melbourne Bitter, Pure Blonde


The Other Wine Co, Tenacity, Paracombe, Alpha Box & Dice


Pewsey Vale, Twin Islands, Alpha Box & Dice


Louis Bouillet, Bandini Prosecco, Dunes & Green Chardonnay Pinot Noir

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