Vintage, US inspired basement bar

Happy Sally is an Adelaide bar inspired by Vintage, US of A pop-culture that vibes to a Jukebox soundtrack. Time to visit Sally’s Bar; The cocktails are shakin’ and the Jukebox is crankin’. Quit rubbernekin’ and have a blast with the cool cats in Sally’s basement.


$18 Pulp Friction

Raspberry pulp, vodka, egg white, simple syrup & lemon juice

$18 Twist & Shout

Lychee & Lemongrass Mojito (a twist on the classic)

$18 Wish You Were Here

Bacardi Carta Blanca White Rum, Lychee, Strawberries, Mint, Apple & Lime. Shaken & served over Cranberry Juice. Island paradise feels.

• FOOD •

$14 Mac & Cheese Croquets

Garlic mayonnaise, parmesan (4 per serve)

$13 Buttermilk Buffalo Wings

Franks hot sauce, blue cheese mayonnaise, celery sticks (10 per serve)

$18 Crispy Chicken Waffle

Crispy buttermilk chicken, smoky bacon, double cheddar, sauce, between two waffles


Bottle Brews

Mismatch, Clare Valley, Phat Mongrel, Vale, Hills Cider

Tap Brews

Wild Yak, Brooklyn Lager, Carlton Dry, Coopers, Melbourne Bitter, Pure Blonde


The Other Wine Co, Tenacity, Paracombe, Alpha Box & Dice

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